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Fun photo competition relaunches its quest to see your most exciting adventures alongside your favourite doll!

Most of us would agree that travelling is one of the best ways to spend free time.  Visiting new places, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people are some of the very many attractions which see us moving in our thousands across land, air and sea every year. Indeed, many of us would cite exploration as one of our most valued expenditures. For some of us, that experience becomes even more enriched when we are joined by our children. Somehow, even those places to which we’ve been a dozen times present an entirely fresh appeal when experienced through the eyes of children.

#WhereisLottie? is a fun photo competition

The ‘Where’s Lottie?’ the competition was first launched in 2012 with a view to capturing the excitement and joy of parents and children alike as they set out to see the world together. We asked Lottie fans – big and small – to take Lottie along on their adventures and to snap her photograph in an interesting location! The competition was a huge hit! Hundreds of amazing photographs were uploaded to the Lottie website every month. Exotic locations were never a necessity, we asked only that the scenes showed imagination, creativity and an embracing of all things childlike, in short, all the core values with which Lottie was created.

At the end of each month, we had the very lovely job of looking through all the wonderful photographs we were sent from all over the world and from right here at home in Ireland. The winning photographers each won their choice of a doll from the Lottie, Finn and friends range.

Have a look at some of our favourites:

Lottie Doll visit at the Museum  Lottie Doll enjoy in the flower garden

Lottie Doll explore the British MuseumLottie Doll adventure tour

 Lottie: The perfect travelling companion

There’s no denying that Lottie makes the very best companion for adventures. Firstly, she’s always dressed for the occasion. Her clothing is made from tactile high-quality materials which are durable enough to withstand the most exciting of adventures. Her hair is made from premium quality saran which doesn’t tangle easily especially during long journeys in suitcases!

Another great thing about Lottie is her size! Based on the proportions of a real nine-year-old child, Lottie stands at a cute and portable 18 cm making her the perfect size to fit snugly into a child’s hand.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Lottie encourages children to embrace childhood and what better way to do that than to go on an exciting adventure! So, if you’re off on your travels remember to look all around you, learn something interesting, ask questions and of course take LOTS of photographs! We’d love to see one when you return. We've made entering  the 'Where's Lottie?' competition easier than ever before - just upload your photo to Instagram using #whereslottie! and your photo is automatically included in the competition! You can also enter by clicking here.

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