Back to school tips for kids (and parents!)

As the clock ticks down to September 1 we look at some of the most common back to school problems facing kids and parents and how you can overcome them.

This Week:  Tips for returning students

Have an older child who isn’t exactly thrilled about returning to full-time learning? Follow this easy six-point plan to help renew their enthusiasm!

  1. Parents: Go back to school!

“But you don’t know what it’s like, Mum”. Visit the school, meet with the teachers so that you know EXACTLY what it’s like.

  1. Familiarise yourself with their schedule

When it comes to planning the school year, assume that nothing will be like the year before. Looking ahead means you can make alterations early (if necessary) making the return easier on your both.

  1. Set goals – and rewards!

Keep them motivated by planning some family outings throughout the year. Tie some of these to grades, but not all as children shouldn’t feel that enjoyment of life is dependent on success (or failure) at school.

  1. Knowledge is power

If you can, get their school books in early. If for nothing else but curiosity, your child will look through them and doing so will give him/her a sense of preparedness.

  1. Parents assemble

Check in with other parents. Find out what classes their child is taking. Renewing these relationships gives you an extra level of support going in to the school year.

  1. Practice run!

Ease in to those early mornings by setting the clock a little earlier for the last few weeks of holidays. You’ll be surprised how much easier getting out of bed in September will be.

Check in next week for tips on how to deal with the first day at school.

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