Parallel London – A Place of Inclusion, just like Lottie Dolls

Parallel London is a fully accessible fun run and free family festival at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Sunday, 3rd September 2017. The festival is a celebration of inclusion – all ages and abilities are welcomed, as there is something for everyone 😊


“Everyone will be given the time they need to finish the race.” – Parallel London


We felt that Parallel London was the perfect event to include a flyer in their goodie-bags, which will showcase our wonderful Wildlife Photographer Mia – have you noticed that she wears a cochlear implant? Parallel London showcases a message of inclusivity, representation, and equality – each of which we strive for in Lottie Dolls HQ and through our range of Lottie, Finn & Friends dolls and accessories.

Mia was created in partnership with #ToyLikeMe, a UK non-profit who campaign for diversity in the toy-box and for better representation of disabilities so that differently abled children can see themselves reflected in the toys they play with. Mia’s cochlear implant is just a small part of her story, as reflected in our Lottie Chapter Books.


A cochlear implant is a type of hearing device worn around the world. Graeme Clark, an Australian Scientist, invented the ‘bionic ear’ or cochlear implant, and his invention is the first ever clinically accepted device that restores brain function. Unlike a hearing aid, which makes sounds louder, a cochlear implant turns sounds into electrical signals to beam them into the nerves in your ear. Clark was inspired to create this device as his father was deaf, and got his inspiration from a conch shell on the beach!

Graeme Clark, inventor of the Cochlear Implant


Clark has given the gift of hearing to many thousands of people, and we’ve been inspired by his story to help kids, and decided we would try to greater represent those kids with diff:abilities, with thanks to the work of organisations such as #ToyLikeMe.


ToyLikeMe was set up in 2015 by former BBC journalist and children's writer, Rebecca Atkinson, who wears hearing aids herself. “When I was growing up in the 80s,” says Rebecca, “I never saw any deaf characters in toys, books or on TV. When I became a mum myself, I decided it was time things changed. I wanted the global toy industry to act, to better represent the 150 million children worldwide with disability and difference.”



Wildlife Photographer Mia is a long-awaited and great addition to the Lottie, Finn & Friends family. Earlier in 2017, Mia won Arklu a Silver International Design Award, more on that, here.


Inclusion and representation is hugely important for kids, which is why we at Lottie HQ have pledged that all further dolls and accessories created will be directly designed or influenced by children, Lottie, Finn & Friends are truly ‘Inspired by Real Kids’, more on our company commitment, here.


Why not enter our latest Inspired by Real Kids competition? Running for the month of September we have Lottie’s Hidden Figures Competition!

Simply download a template and draw your nominated ‘Hidden Figure’ - a person you believe deserves more recognition. Check back each month for a new competition!


To find out more about the Parallel London Festival check out their website, here. You can also find them online on Facebook, chat with them on Twitter, or catch up on what they’re up to on Instagram.


If you attend the festival and spot our Mia flyers, be sure to tweet us a picture over on our Lottie Twitter page.


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