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🌟 A Walk in the Park Lottie Doll 🌟

explore the outdoors with a little bit of imaginative play inside

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🌟 A Walk in the Park Lottie Doll 🌟

explore the outdoors with a little bit of imaginative play inside

For Parents

Lottie Core Values
Lottie is first and foremost, lovely, fun and super cute!
But you might also be surprised to learn that Lottie has been developed with some core values and principles in mind.


Super Cute!

Lottie’s distinctive height of 7.5” (18cm) sets her apart from other dolls; she’s super cute and easy for little hands to carry around.


Lottie has lots of ‘dressable’ fun; her clothes have simple velcro fastenings which make her easy to dress and undress. Lottie has high-quality, strokable hair that doesn’t tangle easily and her clothes and accessories are detailed and lifelike, with lots of tactile elements including fun velcro patches that can be swapped with those on other Lottie dolls.
Her clothes are familiar and recognisable to girls of this age group. Colourful, hard-wearing corduroy skirts, trousers and shorts, brightly hued striped tights and of course her trusty duffel coat and fleece are the order of the day.

Positive Body Image

Lottie has been developed with some core principles relating to the issue of body image and a positive take on childhood. Unlike other dolls that are more ‘adult’ in tone, Lottie is first and foremost a child of nine (9) with a child-like body. She does not wear makeup, nor does she sport tattoos, jewellery or high heels. She loves to dress up in pretty clothes but is equally happy to be active, outdoors and getting muddy.
We have worked with influential British academics to create a doll body that is realistic and based on the actual proportions of those of a nine year old child. We spent months working with Dr Margaret Ashwell*, science consultant and former director of the British Nutrition Foundation, and Professor David McCarthy** of London Metropolitan University to work out the specific dimensions to create a scaled doll body (with the exception of the head, to allow for hairplay) that reflects the childlike body of a nine year old child.

Real – Bright – Brave – Imaginative

Lottie has been developed with a real character. Intelligent and imaginative, Lottie is brave and has gumption. She is not perfect. In many ways, she is just like the girls in the books who inspire her….Jo from ‘Little Women’, George from ‘The Famous Five’ and Hermione Granger – smart, feisty and not scared to take risks. She will try her best, even though things can and do go wrong, summed up by her tagline: “Be bold, be brave, be you”.

Creative Play

Lottie is designed for maximum creative play value.
Lottie has an emphasis on seasonality, quirky attention to detail as well as ‘Back to Basics’ play values. There is a ‘mini story’ on the back of each doll box that sets the scene for each doll, and encourages creative and imaginative play. Accessory sets also extend the play potential further.
Lottie is about celebrating childhood in all its many facets; imagination, creativity and pretty clothes, as well as being bold, brave and active in the Great Outdoors. She is flexible, poseable and can stand on her own two feet….a life-skill that is important for girls both big and small.

See our Pinterest folder of images showing children playing with Lottie.

Reusable Packaging

The bright and colourful packaging has been specifically designed with an eye to lessening use of excessive plastic blister packaging and tricky wire ties that are frustratingly annoying and time-consuming to open. Each doll box is themed and designed with a cute handle to encourage reuse and doll portability. We embrace the colour pink…..but alongside other bold, bright colours.

We have a palette of vibrant colours; we aren’t afraid of pink, but we use it with judgement, and an awareness of the expectations and assumptions involved with its use.

Award Winning

Lottie has won 19 international awards, including 5 highly prestigious Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Awards.


* Dr Margaret Ashwell OBE
Dr Margaret Ashwell ( has viewed the relationship between food and health from all sides. She has been a Senior Research Scientist with the Medical Research Council, Principal of the Good Housekeeping Institute, and Science Director of the British Nutrition Foundation. She served on the UK Government’s Food Advisory Committee for 9 years and was appointed to be an Officer of the British Empire (OBE) for this role.
Margaret has run her own Company, Ashwell Associates since 1995. She acted as Research Co-ordinator for the Food Standards Agency’s Research Programme on Nutrient Status and Function from 1994 to 2007. She has undertaken several reviews of FSA funded programmes and has acted as a scientific facilitator and rapporteur on many occasions. She designed the Ashwell ® Shape Chart to focus attention on the heath aspects of obesity based on body shape and not weight.

* Professor David McCarthy
David McCarthy is Professor of Nutrition and Health at London Metropolitan University. He heads the nutrition research division where he focuses mainly upon the causation, assessment and management of childhood obesity with a particular interest in abdominal fatness. He uses and develops state of the art body composition assessment methodologies. He has produced clinical charts to assess total body fatness, abdominal fatness and muscularity in UK children.