Who was Lottie’s Hidden Figures Winner? Find out here!

Congratulations to our Lottie’s Hidden Figures Competition winner Zoe Ganatra. Zoe is 7 ½ years old and she nominated Kate Warne as the person she would love Lottie Dolls to create!

Zoe says: “Kate Warne was the first female detective in America. She solved lots of cases and then encouraged more women to do it [detective work].”


The story of Kate Warne has captured the imagination of the entire Lottie Team, but most importantly our product development team who have chosen to create a product inspired by Kate Warne and Zoe’s drawing of her!


Kate Warne truly is a Hidden Figure with an amazing story, so thank you Zoe for bringing her to light for us - to find out more about Kate Warne and her story click here.


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